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Baco Proyect: Baco Proyect is a gold production operation which has a cyanidation plant capacity of 100 TMD and about 2800 hectares of mining properties in the presence of auriferous veins in the North Coast - Central Peru.
The mineralogy of veins is simple with stuffed of auriferous quartz, iron oxides (limonite, jarosite, and hematite), malachite, calcite, barite sparks, galena and blende.
Cercapuquio Proyect MRC1 Exploraciones E.I.R.L. made a visit to the Cercapuquio Prospect during September and October of 2004 in the works of mining prospecting, there we determined veins and interspersed bodies in horizons in sedimentary packages of the Chúlec, Pariatambo, Chunumayo and Cercapuquio Formations, located in a syncline. In previous years the Cercapuquio mine was established abandoned for over 28 years that site hosted polymetallic (Pb, Zn, Ag, Cd).
Chincho de Huaripampa Proyect Chincho de Huaripampa is a polymetallic mining prospect of medium sized constituted by veins and sheets between adjacent bodies of marl and limestone Formations Santa and Jumasha.
At the local level in the area of Chincho de Huaripampa the mineralization is hosted in the limestone formations of Santa, Carhuaz and Jumasha; controlled by regional fault with SE direction and Formation Jumasha Rubbing of the Santa Formation of same orientation.
El Papayo Proyect MRC1 Exploraciones E.I.R.L. owns two mining concession located in the orthern Department of Piura, totaling 500 acres. It is a prospect of the VMS type located about 24 kilometers NE of the Tambogrande deposit.
On a geochemical anomaly has been drilled 426 meters in four short holes, confirming the climate of mineralization similar to Tambogrande.
◘ Cerro Blanco Proyect Cerro Blanco Project is a VMS deposit located in the Group of Casma of the Lower Cretacious . It has been studied by Buenaventura Mining Company, determining the existence of events typical of VMS as: volcanism, intrusion, deformation, metamorphism and VMS mineralization. The geological works performed with Disa in the area are: mapping 1/5000, 36 trenches (1627 m), 5 holes DDH (338.25 m), geochemical sampling (546 samples).
◘ Conta Proyect This is an old mine in Cu-Au formed by a series of parallel veins. There are four galleries on one of the veins in which 107 samples were taken. The grades vary from 0.1 to 10.0% Cu and between 0.08 to 1.6 gr. Au/MT. There are three main veins with an average potency of 1.0 meter, with an extension of 1 km long.
From the underground recognition of the mine workings it has been demonstrated the existence of some 50,000 metric tons of ore with 3.0% Cu and a potential of 1 million MT.
Catan Prospect MRC1 Exploraciones. E.I.R.L. has a Concession mining in northern Peru, where the presence of silica Cliffs in the Calipuy Group near the contact intrusive rocks by the presence of deposits of gold, silver and copper in the surroundings at a lower altitude, it does interest to the geological assessment.
◘ El Naranjo Prospect The El Naranjo Prospect, is located in the department of Piura in northern Peru to 1,040 km from Lima.
Morph structurally belongs to the Lancones watershed. Historically, this part of the basin has only been extracted barite in veins and sheets developed throughout the region by artisanal miners.
The area has been considered by the Company of Minas Buenaventura who work in geochemistry and geological mapping at 1/25000, with the aim of finding Yacimientos Vulcano genic massive sulphide (SMV) of the Kuroco type.
◘ Cashapampa Prospect MRC1 Exploraciones E.I.R.L. holds three mining concessions in northern Peru.
The Cashapampa prospect is located to the north of the leaflet Gavilán of Minera Cambior Company and in a parallel line to small mines and prospects such as the Santa Rosa Mine (Pb-Zn-Ag), Aguila (Cu-Mo) and Melchora (Pb- Zn-Cu) . It is comprised by the NW structural lineament of the sedimentary sequence of the Goyllarizquizga Group in contact with the Chicama Formation; in the presence of elongated foldings (synclinal), defined by an inferred fault to the east and south, all of this sedimentary package is intruded by stock rocks intrusives.
◘ Uranio Prospect MRC1 Exploration Company, owns 100% of the 19 mineral rights which make up 7 prospective areas per uranium in a total of 13,600 hectares in Southern Peru.
These seven areas contain higher levels of favorable uranium in sedimentary rocks, according to studies conducted by the Board of Control of Atomic Energy (JCEA).
◘ Lampa Prospect MRC1 Exploraciones. E.I.R.L. has 3 mining rights with a total of 3,000 hectares in southern Peru, to the center of the Department of Puno, called the Lampa Prospect.
Prospectus Lampa is located to the East of the Prospect Chulpia (Cu) from Minera Phelps Dodge del Peru S.A., prospectus La Rescatada(Au) RILLO SAC and Conaviri Prospect (Au) of CORPORACIÓN MINERA VULCAN SA.
◘ Elmer Moises Prospect MRC1 Exploraciones. E.I.R.L. made the visit to the Elmer Moises Prospect in December, 2006. It is a medium size mining Prospect made up by pritized horizons with a strong argitilization of dimensions approximately 1000m.x400m.x40 meters inside the Volcanics of the Tantara Formation in contact with the with the Caudalosa Formation.
◘Aija Prospect The Aija Prospect is located in the district and
province of Aija, Department of Ancash; between the old Hercules mine of the
Compañía Minera Alianza Mining Company and the Aija town.The area of the prospect is made up by a sequence of intrusive and pyroclastic rocks of the Tertiary known as Calipuy Group.
◘ Limbani Prospect MRC1 Exploraciones E.I.R.L. is the owner of 2,700 hectares in the South of Perú, to the North of the Puno Department, called the Limbani Prospect. The prospect is located on the Limbani community Canucanu district of
Patambuco and Crucero, Provinces of Sandia and Carabaya, department of Puno in 1520 km to the SE of Lima. The area is located in the National Charter Limbani (29-x).
Cajamarca Prospect Cajamarca is the prospect that MRC1 Exploraciones. EIRL, it owns 04 mining concessions in Northern Peru. Cajamarca prospect is located inside the same mining district of Cajamarca, very close to the goldfields of the Yanacocha Mine. ( that MRC1 Exploraciones. EIRL owns 04 mining rights in northern Peru.
The prospectus Cajamarca is located within the mining district of Cajamarca, near the Yanacocha (the first gold producer in Latin America) and Cerro Corona, as well as copper deposits Michiquillay and La Granja. Presents a sequence of volcanic tuffs and andesitic Spill of the Calipuy Group contact with the Goyllarizquizga Group ( Chulec Carhuaz Formations)..
Piura VMS Prospect MRC1 Exploraciones E.I.R.L. owns 10 mineral rights located in the Northern Department of Piura, a total of 4,500 hectares. Is a prospect VMS type located about 24 kilometers NE of the deposit of Tambogrande.
Above a geochemical anomaly on the nearby, 426 meters were drilled, confirming the climate of mineralization similar to Tambogrande.
◘ Fatima Prospect MRC1 Exploraciones. E.I.R.L. owns the 2007 mining right of Fátima 1 2007, located 6 km west of the city of Huaraz and at 9 km SW of the Pierina gold deposit (the high-sulphidation system). Consists of sedimentary sequences of the Santa-Carhuaz Formation in contact with volcanic rocks of the Calipuy Group metalotecto.
The prospectus Fatima adjacent to the East, West and South with properties of the Company Esperanza Silver Peru SAC and North of the Livia property of the Company Southern Peru Copper Corporation.
◘ Jatunjirca Prospect MRC1 Exploraciones. E.I.R.L. owns the 2007 mining right of Fátima 1 2007, located 6 kMRC1 Exploraciones E.I.R.L. has 06 metallic mining rights, totaling 4,600 hectares, located in the Upper Marañón River. These mineral rights have gold deposits have both primary and Debris.The Jatunjirca Prospect is located on the western flank of the Marañon River in the heart of the East Central Andes of Peru,between 3,000 and 4200 m.a.s.l.; politically belongs to the provinces of Dos de Mayo and Yarowilca, Department of Huanuco. It is accessible from Lima by about 500 kms. of road through the following itinerary: Lima - Pativilca -Conococha - Huanzala - La Union - Leon Bridge.
◘Oyon Prospect MRC1 Exploraciones. E.I.R.L. Owns 100% of the Mineral Rights of the Oyon Prospect, in January 2004 the owners made a geological survey of the area covered to determine the existence of anomalous areas for metallic minerals,the most important observed in the C º Joyamate where one can see several indications of mineralization, such as highly leached sulphide veinlets and as PIMA analysis detected a mineralogical assemblage pyrophyllite- kaolinite type.The Oyón Prospect is located in Northern Peru, in the hamlet of Santa Rosa,District of Santiago de Chuco, Province of Santiago de Chuco, La Libertad
department, 182 km from Trujillo and 742 km from Lima.